Youth Classes

Tumbling Toddlers

For little ones, ages 20 months to 4 yrs, we have designed a class filled with all the things they love: toys, games, sensory stimulation, balancing challenges, singing, playing and jumping! If your child can walk, and is growing more interested every day in what their body can do, it's time to join us for a class!


This class/genre/skill is the foundation for all classical dancing. Dancer's who are trained in ballet excel faster and with more confidence in dance, and all other aspects of life. To understand where other movements come from (i.e. jazz, tap, hip hop, etc.), a basic understanding of ballet is key. At Energy Dance Center, one ballet class a week is required for dancers under the age of 15. Proper ballet attire required: ballet slippers, solid color leotard, pink tights.


Designed to enjoy the different beats in the music, or to make your own, tap class is a high energy, skill polishing class. Dancers learn to hear the beat in the music and tap their feet in unlimited amounts of ways to accentuate that beat. For the youngest dancers, it's fun to make noise with their feet. For the more mature dancers and adults, it's challenging and rewarding to learn choreography and improve your skill level! Proper attire required: tap shoes, solid color leotard, pink tights (adults may wear fitness attire of their choosing).


A combination of style, energy, and technique is the foundation of jazz. Each class will have a combination of warm up and stretching, cross floor technique, isolated movements, foundations for jumping and turning, and stylized choreography. Proper attire required: jazz shoes or bare feet, solid color leotard or camisole, tights and/or hot shorts/capris/jazz pants.

Junior Team

These classes are focused on a challenging curriculum for the dancers who want to be a part of our performance and competition team. They work on showmanship and staging, as well as choreography in multiple genres and for numbers designed for various sizes of performers. Our company is young, just began in 2016, and is open to any of our students who would like to dedicate themselves to this special commitment.


This high energy class combines the sharp lines of cheerleading with the stylish choreography of jazz and hip hop dancing. This class primarily focuses on choreography, although cheerleading and tumbling tricks are part of every classes warm up and technique. If your elementary aged child is aspiring to be a cheerleader or a drill team dancer, this class is something they will want to be in right now!

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Adult & Fitness Classes

Dance Bod

Do you want a Dancer's Body? That long, lean, smooth look? Then add this class to your workout routine! We do a combination of barre, stretching, and strengthening exercises that make you sweat and focus. You'll feel empowered and graceful (and ready for a shower) taking on the rest of your week after this class!

Immature Adult Ballet

Did you dance as a youngster, and didn't know then how much you would miss it now? If you had the chance to remember and sharpen your technique with other "adults", would you? Well, join us! We'll use the standard ballet class format: barre, center floor, cross floor and combinations. But, our attitude and level of fun is anything but standard issue!

Drill Team Jam!

The world is full of many many forms of movement and dancing, and a Texas favorite is Drill Team. With our drill team technique classes, we help dancers and non dancers in middle and high school focus on the areas of dance that will help them excel and perform with their drill team members. Each class is a combination of conditioning, stretching and technique to give the current or aspiring drill team members that competitive edge to do their best.

Stretching & Strengthening

Every dancer strives to be more flexible and develop strong muscles. There is an art to how a dancer conditions themselves to look so graceful on stage, and we practice that art every week. In this class, dancers and non dancers treat their bodies to well developed exercises to achieve results we all are looking for! are looking to strengthen your core and stretch those tight muscles then this is the class for you. This class focuses on using your body as a natural resistance

Energy Pilates

An exercise and strengthening series of movements focused on core muscles and useful breathing. Pilates helps us achieve proper alignment for superior balancing, using gravity and our own body weight. You will notice days later, that muscles are sore that you didn't know you had! But don't be frightened by the unique name and the balancing act description. If you can walk to Pilates class, you can participate in it! Bring your Pilates mat.

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