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Sunday, May 7th 2023

Q: What are the Recital Fees and what do they cover?

Costume Fees:

  • $75 per costume, per student

  • includes their 1st costume, tights and included accessories.

  • Does not include shoes

***Families with Multiple Children in the show pay a separate fee for each child.


  • Additional tights/leggings/skirt (ask your child's teacher if this applies to you)

  • Tiara ($20)

  • Earrings ($18)

  • Ballerina Bunny ($30)

  • Tap Shoe Bows ($10)

  • Picture Days on April 22 & 23 (multiple package options)

  • Ask the front desk for more details!

Other costs your recital fee contributes to include:

  • venue rental

  • additional transportation

  • event staff

  • additional staff for:

    • childcare, decorations,

    • costume management from

      • search & selection to fitting

      • modifications

      • organizing

      • pick up and distribution

    • Lighting design & rental

    • Professional DJ

    • clean up

    • logistics

    • ...and of course the EDC team pouring their hearts into a great show for the audience, and a positive experience for the kids!

Q:  Where is the show?

A:  Ashford United Methodist Church (OUTDOOR EVENT on their spacious lawn!)

Q:  How do I do my child's hair?

A:  We prefer a clean, tight bun. If you cannot do that (no fighting!), please make sure their hair is tidy and out of their beautiful face! Enjoy!

Q:  How do I do my child's make up?

A: Please use brown tones for their eyes, red and pink tones for blush. Or, make an appointment at the studio to have one of our artists do it!

Q:  What color lipstick do we wear?

A:  "Always Sienna" or "Stay Currant" by Revlon Colorstay (or similar colors if you have a favorite brand)

Q:  Where do we buy tickets?

A: There are NO TICKETS to purchase for this event. You will simply pay $20 for parking when you enter the property. Load up your vehicle! (safely of course)

Q:  What does my child need to wear under their tights and costume?

A:  Nothing. No underwear under their tights for the performance. If diapers are necessary, please put your child in them!

Q:  Laces in or out?

A:  In. Tuck ballet shoe laces in. Energy Dance Center sells laceless ballet shoes for child shoe size 6-13. 

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