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Summer Camp and Tiny Dancer Camp

Summer Camps are a blast!

Here's a glimpse of what we do each day

*Drop off time
*Academic lesson (Math, Grammar, Engineering, Science, Spelling, Reading, Health, etc.)
*Arts & Crafts
*Dance & Movement Lesson (Ballet, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Tap or Stretch and Strength etc.)
*Snack Break (included)
*Directed/group exercise (soccer, kickball, races, agility, strength, stretching, etc.)
*Free Play & Pick up time!
*A little show with big FUN at the end of the camp, for moms and dads to video!

2021 Summer Camp Dates:
Week 1 (Wild Animals): June 7-1 1
Week 2 (Super Heroes & Super Kids): June 14-18
Week 3 (Exploring the Ocean): June 21-25
Week 4 (International Awesomeness): July 5-9
Week 5 (Disney Fever): July 12-16
Week 6: CLOSED

Week 7 (Outer Space): August 2-6
Have a great school year, thanks for joining us for camps!


Camp Prices

Full Day:


9am - 3pm

Tiny Dancer Camp!

We begin with Free play in our bounce house room. Then we have dance class (ballet, tap, tumbling), then we have a snack, then we do a craft, then we have lunch, and then you come pick up your Tiny Dancer! On the last day of camp, you come for a "Tiny Recital!"


June is FULL

July 20-22 (0 spots available)

August 10-12, 2021 (0 spots available)

Tiny Dancer Camp Price (3 days from 9am to 11:45am):

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